MERINO WOOL Unisex Sockettes

Sockettes are an indispensable element of all types of garments. Have you ever wondered how important their role is? Sockettes prevent our feet from excessive sweating. They also protect us from bruises that may be caused by our footwear. It is important that our sockettes be made of natural fibers which prevent unpleasant odors so typical of synthetic socks. To take good care of your feet, we have created our merino wool sockettes that are ideal for all types of shoes. Let us take a deeper look at the advantages of our merino wool sockettes. Let us also justify why they should always be available in your socks drawer.

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The sockettes with merino wool will take good care of your feet in all situations you may imagine.

As we have already mentioned, socks should preferably be made of natural fibers. Therefore, we came up with the idea of using merino wool in our sockettes, as this particular material has been engineered by mother nature to take care of the wellbeing of merino sheep. Those sheep live in areas in which annual temperatures vary from -30°C to +35°C. Their wool has adapted to such a harsh environment and prevent their bodies from overheating or becoming excessively cold. Now, we can take advantage of the natural properties of merino wool as well. We boast immense experience in creating underwear and other clothing items made of merino wool. The fabric our sockettes are made of has a two-layer structure. Our merino wool sockettes are of the seamless variety. Such a design eliminates the risk of bruising, skin irritation and discomfort caused by protruding seams. Equally importantly the sockettes are pressure-free, yet they snugly wrap around the sole of your foot. In their upper section the sockettes are equipped with a ribbed section to boost circulation of air and ensure good breathability Three delicate silicone stripes keep the sockettes in place on your feet and prevent them from sliding off, no matter if you are wearing any shoes or not. Their wide cut makes them suitable for wearing with all types of footwear - from sneakers, to ballerinas and moccasins. The fabric our sockettes are made of has a certain content of functional microfibers which enhance their strength. Merino wool does not absorb any unpleasant odors for a lasting feeling of freshness all day long. The sockettes will work perfectly on hot and colder days, regulating the temperature of your foot inside the shoe. Our sockettes will help you take care of the hygiene of your feet, day in, day out. When combined with our Barefoot merino wool shoes, the sockettes will create an ideal duet. As both products are made partly of merino wool, a special air cushion is created between them to perfectly regulate the level of temperature and to ensure efficient circulation of air.

Our sockettes with merino wool will fit in well with all types of your daily outfits.

Our merino wool sockettes find a wide range of different applications. You can wear them while opting for trainers or elegant formal shoes. They will match all your favorite outfits, regardless of whether you prefer a more elegant or sporty look. Thanks to their deep cut, the sockettes will remain invisible when worn in combination with our merino wool Barefoot shoes. The sockettes are available in several classic colors that will be a perfect fit for your footwear and all other garments. If you live an active life and want to ensure the best level of comfort and protection for your feet all day long, our sockettes will be a truly perfect choice.

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