Unisex Motorcycling Balaclava

A few years ago, not many riders opted for a balaclava under their helmets. The ones who did usually used cotton garments whose main purpose was to protect against the wind while riding with the helmet visor open. Today, just like any other pieces of thermal underwear for bikers, balaclavas are an indispensable element worn under the suit and helmet. Brubeck has decided to meet the expectations of bikers by offering a biking balaclava that ensures a high level of comfort and functionality, thus enhancing the experience of motorcycling.

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What makes Brubeck’s motorcycling balaclava so special?

We have combined functional polyamide and polypropylene fibers, creating a two-layer fabric capable of instantaneously wicking moisture towards the outer surface of the garment. Thanks to its seamless design, the balaclava is highly comfortable and offers a perfect fit under any motorcycle helmet, without creating any unpleasant sensations and leaving marks on the user’s skin. It perfectly adapts to the shape of the rider’s head. It also offers superb protection against cold and wind, simultaneously keeping the head ventilated. This contributes to maintaining good hygiene levels and adjusts the skin’s microclimate. The elongated front and rear sections of the garment have been designed with the purpose of protecting the front and back of the rider’s neck.

Who will appreciate the functional features of our motorcycling balaclava?

Worn as the zero layer, Brubeck’s balaclava is dedicated for those who are truly passionate about biking. It will definitely be highly valued by all those riding motorcycles or ATVs. It allows the rider to maintain a good heat balance and may be used all year round, ensuring a high level of comfort. It will be a perfect addition for the range of any rider’s biking accessories.

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Winter sports
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PA 62%, PP 36%, EL 2%

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